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Tintern Abbey Photographs by Francis Bedford

Having moved and finally getting somewhat straight again, I am undertaking some research and looking for some very specific photographs to illustrate this. Amongst them are some photographs taken by Francis Bedford. These were taken in about 1859/60 and would probably be about 10" x 8". At the time they were praised in photographic exhibitions and this was reported in the press. Has anyone got any ideas if these specific photographs still exist and if so where I might get copies (digital files) from? I will also be looking for specific images from photographers like Thomas Annan (similar dates - of Loch Lomond) and others. They originate from specific lenses used when they were 'state-of-the-art' and I'm looking to link the use of new technology of its day with advances in imagery. Thanks, Paul

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The National Gallery of Art's department of Image Collections has images of Tintern Abbey by Bedford. See this link:

I will double check with my colleagues, but I believe our photos are smaller than what you describe.

Thanks. I'm looking for specific images and need the date on them. Its tricky! I'll go through the linked images though. Thanks, Paul

You might check with Steven Evans of Toronto.  He might be a member here. He collects Bedford.

Thanks. We are in contact and Steven has been very helpful.

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