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I have a question to the photographer William Edward Kilburn.
In the Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography (2005) it is written that Kilburns „…photographs of a Charist Rally in London in 1848 brought his work to the attention of Prince Albert."

But there seem to be photographs from Kilburn of the Royal family from 1847(?) Were Kilburn instead „commissioned by Prince Albert to photograph Chartist demonstration March 1848" … like the PhotoLondon writes on its website?
And does anyone know the full name of the employed french miniaturist L.(?) Mansion?

Thank you for any help and advise!
Best regards, Nadja

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That would be Andre Leon Larue Mansion (born c. 1786 in France, died 26 Apr 1870, London). I am very interested in the work of Douglas Kilburn, William's brother who was a daguerreotypist in Melbourne, Australia.

Yes me too re Douglas Kilburn - fascinating work and there are more of his daguerreotypes out there somewhere

Judy Annear


Hi Marcel, thank you very much for your help! Kind regards, Nadja

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