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I have been researching a chap named Percy Lund recently. He started the company Lund Humphries, published the Photographers World, Practical Photographer, Junior Photographer, a series of photography books, and was president of the Yorkshire Photographic Union etc etc. 

In my research I came across a couple of very interesting facts. In 1890 he published James Berry's life story, he who was the public executioner. Berry kept an album of the murderers that he had dispatched, after he had executed Mary Ann Britland he didn’t have her photo so he wrote to the Ashton Chief constable. “ Sir – I would take it as a favour if you would send me a carte-de-visite of Mary Ann Britland, the Ashton prisoner whom I executed at Her Majesty’s prison, Strangeways, Manchester. I did not hear them selling outside the prison, and I thought I should like one to put to my collection of murderers, whom I have hung on different occasions. I herewith enclose you my card, trusting you will send me one, or give me the address of the photographer. – I am sir yours faithfully James Berry, executioner” Mr Danglish duly complied with the request. The question is does anyone know if this album still exists and its whereabouts.

The second album, if it was ever compiled, is of Professional Photographers from around the world. When Percy Lund produced the Photographers World in 1886 he distributed it free of charge to photographers around the world. He asked if they could send him a cabinet card with their portraits and their names written on the back. By December 1887 he had received 130 replies. The album was to be the 'Photographers World Album' but was it ever produced and where is it now?



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I don't think I can assist with your specific queries but I do have two Percy Lund photography catalogues both of which include a lot of photographic stationery

Hi Stephen, I have no leads to offer but you are being a bit modest not mentioning your site and excellent research you have done already on Percy Lund (not to mention your other pages on Leeds and Bradford photographers): Cheers! Marcel, Brisbane, Australia.

Hi Marcel thanks for your kind words and thank you Michael for your reply.



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