1851 photographer to be identified



hope you can help. I have come across (approx) loose 1851 album pages (it states the date on one album page) of a British family and im curious if anyone recognizes the location, the portrayed (it seems to be one family )  and/or the photographer. I have some leads, but it's really hard. included was also an album page with duchess of Gloucester as well as Lady Newbury Lock and a portrait of mr N.Z. Batt. Also I see perhaps a Scottish day attire (woman)  or some donkeys from Malvern. And a backdrop being used. In any case it seems like really good amateur work in the earliest days of photography in the uk. I can't wait to find out more.
The photos have some damage. They are I think all Albumen prints. 


  • 12239577662?profile=RESIZE_710xso much!


12239564297?profile=RESIZE_710xI hope tou can shed a light and share your though and ideas with me. Thankyou!




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  •  I'm afraid that I have little to add at this stage, other than Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester (1776 -1857) died on 30th April 1857, as the caption describes her as the "late" Duchess her image was added to that page after that date (though obviously the photo predates that). The RCT have an oil painting of her in a similar pose.

    Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-73) - Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester (1776-1857)
    Winterhalter was born in the Black Forest where he was encouraged to draw at school. In 1818 he went to Freiburg to study under Karl Ludwig Schüler a…
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