Collodian wet plate process photographer?

Just came across and wanted to share about a guy in the USA operating the old collodian process with his glass plate camera to produce his glass photo scenes ~ Beautiful. The internet is, of course, awash with photographers of varietal sorts amateur and professional. The link to said fellow's work is and an additional Wikipedia link explains 'collodian process' here Thank you

N.B. And returning (08/07/2024) to edit my input here where you may not have had enough of photographers as alcamists what about this Chinese photographer's extraordinary monster collodion artistry ~ Astonishing.     

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  • Instagram is a useful tool to search out 'photographers' of all kinds. I see there's another fellow with his huge bellows camera engaged with 'wet plate collodian photography'. He operates a 'tour bus' decked out as his mobile darkroom. One needs to click through his numerous Instagram clips to gain a sense of his operational photography in the landscape.

    Bill Hao on Instagram: "#wetplatecollodion #wetplatephotography #wetplate #wetplatecollodionphotogr…
    25K likes, 170 comments - hao.bill on September 1, 2023: "#wetplatecollodion #wetplatephotography #wetplate #wetplatecollodionphotography #wetplates…
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