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I am researching colour photography and would appreciate feedback

John Szarkowski's curation of William Eggleston's Guide at MOMA in 1976, was a pivotal moment in the history of colour photography in America. What might be considered an equivalent moment in the history of colour photography in Britain?

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  • Thank you for the heads up

  • Sorry Janine, your date for William Eggleston's Guide was correct. I had confused this with another, later publication.

  • The two books by Sally Eauclaire were a great influence on photographers (and teachers) in the UK, I think.

    Regards, Brian

  • I  agree, an excellent essay- good to be reminded of it  - thank you

  • One of the best discussions on the success and failures of colour photography (and the sustained resistance to its use) can be found in Max Kozloff, 'Photography and Fascination'. I think the essay in question is entitled, 'The Coming of Age of Colour'.

  • Thank you for the suggestion.

    Still a work in progress...

  • 1976? I dont think so...

  • Susan Kismaric: British Photography from the Thatcher Years at MoMA NYC might be of interest here...

  •  Before Eggleston there was Ernst Haas, whose color essay Magic City of New York ran for 24 pages in LIFE  magazine in the fall of 1953, the first of several such stories and who had a 10 year color  retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in

    1962 under John Szarkowski. I am not aware of any such color innovations in the UK or Europe, or indeed anywhere else.

    At the time LIFE  magazine had foreign editions so that work and the following essays on Paris, Venice, Bullifight and Motion were also seen in Europe and the Far East.   I was at Magnum New York from 1950 to 1970 and as Director for Special Projects working with Moma.  Haas' work was also circulated in Europe by Kodak.  Inge Bondi

  • Thank you for the detailed and informative replies. I knew when I asked the question that there would be an amazing variance in the responses and all are a real help. Will definitely feedback more later.

    Thank you

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