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I've been sent an image of a daguerreotype plate that has a stamped mark in the top right corner, apparently very similar to that shown on the Historic Camera web page of Daguerreotype Plate Manufacturer Marks, i.e. "NP: 40."  The date and location provided there are simply, "c.1840" and "France."


Can anyone give me more precise dates and location of this plate manufacturer, please, or direct me to where I might find such information?  I'm trying to date the image as accurately as I can, so any information will be appreciated.


Alternatively, does anyone else have daguerreotypes with this plate mark, and if so can they be dated and/or located?




Brett Payne
Tauranga, New Zealand

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Hi Brett,

if you have not done so already, you should contact the Daguerreian Society through their website which you can easily google.

They are a group of daguerreotype collectors and scholars who should be able to help you or at least know who could...

Best of luck


Thanks very much Edith, I will give that a try.  Regards, Brett

Brett, unfortunately plate marks, especially early ones, and plate makers for daguerreotypes, are areas that need considerable more research, although the Italian site you note is the best one that I've found myself.  I've been thinking about doing some research and posting it up on I Photo Central.  Dating and lack of specific manufacturer locations are certainly two that need some real work.  Perhaps people like Serge Plantureux, Serge Kakou, Frederic Hoch and Bruno Tartarin have some information.



Thanks Alex. Your input is much appreciated.

I am not even certain about the letter in some. Is it an M or a W? That depends on the orientation of the plate. Something that I recently ran into, and actually prompted me seeing your post! Yes, it would be nice to have some French student of photo history do their PhD thesis on this topic. :-)

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