Dr William Delano Walker

Dr Walker, an Australian, arrived in England in the late 1920s. He was a keen photographer earning a medal from the RPS for a series of images of 'The Life History of the Kangaroo'. He gave lectures in England illustrated with his own lantern slides on various Australian subjects. A Medical Officer in the RAF he died in an aircraft crash in 1938.
If anyone chances upon any information regarding Dr Walker could you please pass information on to me. There is an extensive archive of his work in the collection of SAM the South Australian Museum which can be accessed at: http://www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/page/default.asp?site=1&page=Archives_Collections. Scroll down to the entry for Dr William Delano Walker.
I have about 100 of his photographs mainly of England. He was producing panoramas or 'Join-ups' as early as 1925 in Australia and in England from 1930.
An extremely interesting character he and his wife Mollie traveled about 8500 miles across the Australian outback in a Model T Ford in the 1920s. He administered medical treatment in between carrying out his own repairs to the vehicle and documenting his travels taking many photographs of Aborigines, fauna, flora etc.

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  • Thanks to the latest weekly update from Dr Michael Pritchard, I subscribed to the RPS. An archive search revealed 6 references to William Delano Walker.

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