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I have been given this first day cover that was posted in Rochester NY on the centenary of the birth of George Eastman on 12th July 1954. The envelope is still sealed and there appears to be a short letter from the then Chairman of Eastman Kodak, Thomas Hargrave, inside. I do realise that is not a rare or valuable philatelic or photographic artefact but it is of great interest to me because it is addressed to the photographer Harry Laxon of The Mirror Studio, Great Yarmouth. I have researched the photographic and business activities of Mr Laxon and this little gem is a nice addition to my Mirror Studio collection and notes.

The envelope has remained sealed for over 60 years. I am reluctant to open it and wonder if any member of this forum has one of these first day covers that is open and contains the letter. I imagine the text of the letter is purely of a promotional nature but it would be nice to know what was written on it.

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"Thanks to my friend James Fisk, I now know the text of the short note inside the envelope

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