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Hi all - I am an author/writer/researcher from Liverpool UK. My current project requires information regarding an Italian photographer, Giovanni Trimboli. His early work largely concerned work for Norwegian company GRAKO - photographing Scandinavian motifs for postcards. Would anybody know of Trimboli and his work? If you have anything that you consider relative to Trimboli can you please contact me.


John Gannon

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Hi, I made a deep research about this Italian photographer, and I have lots of information, such as where he was born, Milazzo, in Sicily, from a photographers' family. He died in Italy after a car accident in 1994. He was a Cadillac's enthusiast, and very likely to use to drive at high speed, as a few years before he was involved in another car accident, where another man died, always in Italy.
About his career as photographer there is not much to say, as if you conduct a deep research, you can easily notice that he mostly took pictures of landscapes and aircrafts in many parts of the world, which he sold through his GRAKO company.
To be note, GRAKO is not a photography agency, but the one he owned, which at a point in his life, he registered it in Montecarlo, where he was registered as permanent resident, very likely for financial matters.
I don't know if it is possible to get more information, as conducting a deep research on him, his name barely emerges, and it is only linked to a mystery case of a dead woman in Bergen, in November 1970, in what is called "The Isdal Woman".
Her identity and all the circumstances of her death have never been found.
What is known is that she was burnt alive to death, her fingerprints have been sanded off, and any labels on the remains of her clothes have been ripped off.
Trimboli seems to have been the only person who could had helped to identify the woman, as whilst she had a very strange behaviour on hotels, he is the only known person to have met her some months earlier her death, but the police officers who conducted the investigation dismissed him as not related to her death.
The woman, most likely was a spy, but still is not known, if she was, who she was working for.
On the research on Trimboli, the information I gained, are through newspapers archives that are not available online, and the first is related to an accident in Emilia Romagna, North Italy, and the other, which talks about his fatal accident in Sicily. The article explains also his personal life, and as photographer, he is dubbed by the columnist as "The Hollywood photographer's", or, in Italian "Il fotografo delle dive". What is strange is that nothing appears about this side of his work, as none of his pictures of divas' are available, at least on the web.
I managed to find some of his relatives, who claimed he was used to live between Italy and the US, (the contact I have is self an Italo-American guy, which I cannot name for ethical reasons), and he was surely a very lively person, who loved women, and Cadillac cars. From what I discovered, he had a very large family, as he had affairs with many women, between Italy, Norway, Sweden, England and the US, and from whose he had several children, all of them naturalised as sons. One of them lives in the North Norway. When he died he left an economic empire to his children, and this seems to be another big piece of the puzzle.
The fact that his work as photographer did not emerge in the history of photography suggested me that it was, especially between the 60's and 80's, probably a cover-up of some other activities, but as it is only a suggestion and still I don't have proof of that, although it suggested me it could be the same as that of the Isdal woman in Bergen, Norway, and I cannot confirm it.
What is strange is, in the case of the Isdal woman, is that he was contacted by the Norwegian police short after their finding of her death but they dismissed him as not relevant for the inquiry, which instead seems to be a very important piece of that puzzle. So, why?

What I am wondering, about your research, is if you are interested on him as his photography works, or rather regarding the link of this mysterious death. In any case, you could contact the British National Archives in Kew Garden (but on the website it does not show anything about him, whilst there is something linked to the woman's location, Bergen, same year).
If you have any further questions, please contact me privately. (I have some other information, which I cannot publish, both because I am still conducting a research on this story, and because the story, and the name of this photographer could be linked to something very dangerous, and the relatives whose I have a contact told me expressly to keep his family away from this research).
One thing you could know is that the only journalist who wrote about him is also one of those who was gambized (gambizzato, meaning "shot on legs" by criminal organizations because of his writings about Mafia).

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