Glass plate negative

I have recently acquired a glass plate negative by W E  Debenham (Regent St London & Massingham House, Haverstock Hill).to add to my collection of Debenham photos The plate show the photographer and address details at the bottom.

I always thought these details were on the printed cards that photographers attached their photos to rather than on the negatives. Can someone tell me if I am wrong in my assumption or perhaps what I have is a photo of a photo?!

30022061-Angel Photo Debenham politicians Glass Negative

Would be greatful for any info you can give me, hope this isn't a silly question!

many thanks


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  • Thanks Tony, I did wonder if it was a photo of the photo. So may not be by W E Debenham but perhaps by another photographer. I will still keep in my Debenham collection. 

  • The negative is a copy of the cabinet card, and not the original negative of the portrait.

    Not a silly question.

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