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I am new to the group so bear with me. I am the granddaughter of George Allsopp (deceased) who was a photographer living in Carcroft near Doncaster in Yorkshire. George was a professional photographer and had a small shop and a darkroom in Carcroft. He was a member of the local tape-recording club and of the Half-plate postal club (circle 12).

When George died his photographic equipment and his archives were scattered, but I received a small box of his photos. I have donated the postcards he created with local photographs to the museum in Doncaster and I would like to find someone who is interested in receiving his contributions to the half-plate postal club (about a dozen photos with comments).

I wrote about this club on my FB profile, calling it "a proto-instagram" and I think it would be a pity for the material to be lost.

I am not asking for any kind of financial contribution and I can send a parcel anywhere in the world, I would just like these pieces of history to go to someone who would be interested in them.

Please contact me by e-mail:

Thanks for your attention and patience.

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