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Hello there, I'm brand new to this site so this post acts also as a little tester. Feel free if i'm doing anything wrong to tell me. I 'm looking for a little bit of info on this picture shown here. Obviously its world war two era but I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the uniform is US or UK. I'm thinking its US but its from a UK source so that would be interesting if it is.Also whether it is airforce or ground? I don't know if this forum is the sort of place for this kind of activity so feel free to point me somewhere that may be more appropriate. Anything else anyone sees in this image that might be of use would be gladly appreciated. Thanks, Gavin.

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Hi Gavin


I know a military specialist who may well be able to help you - Jon Mills. His email address is:

He may charge a small fee for expert help: not sure. Please mention my name so that he knows who recommended him.


Otherwise the Society of Genealogists has a volunteer military specialist - Ken Duvall. I believe he is at the SoG on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tel. 020 7251 8799.


I hope one of these can help.







Thanks Jayne. I will try those.

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