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Dear Colleagues
Those who are able to access BBC4 TV will be pleased to see that a remarkable documentary about James Ravilious is being shown on Saturday 7th March. (Sandwiched between films on Lartigue, Robert Capa and Eugene Smith)
James Ravilious: A World in Photographs, a half-hour documentary on his photography narrated by Alan Bennett, will be broadcast on BBC4. Details below:

James Ravilious: A World in Photographs
Saturday 07 March
8:30pm - 9:00pm

Alan Bennett narrates a documentary about James Ravilious (1939-1999), one of the great unknowns of British photography. Son of the renowned water-colourist and engraver Eric Ravilious, he dedicated his art to a small area of north Devon, where over a period of two decades he took more than 80,000 photographs. This collection has become one of the most comprehensive and poignant archives in the country, documenting an English world and way of life most people had thought long gone.


An exhibition of his photographs (James Ravilious: An English Eye) opens on 6th April at the National Theatre in London and runs until 16th May

It transfers to the Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford, Devon from the 28th May to 19th June.


"DOWN THE DEEP LANES" by Peter Beacham and James Ravilious is currently available. Published by The Bardwell Press in a paperback edition (148pp, ISBN: 978-1-905622-16-0, 19.95) and hardback edition (148pp, ISBN: 978-1-905622-16-0, 39.95).

"AN ENGLISH EYE: THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF JAMES RAVILIOUS" by Peter Hamilton (The Bardwell Press, 2nd edition, paperback, 120pp, ISBN 978-1-905622-14-6, £19.95).

I hope fellow list members will enjoy this. For those who can't get BBC4 the film can be seen in YouTube version by clicking on the Down The Deep Lanes web-page above.

Happy viewing

Peter Hamilton

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