I am writing a PhD research proposal on the topic of visitor's photography at heritage sites.


Within this field, I'm currently looking for books/sources that I can quote from on the topic of why people feel the need to acquire their own images of sites/sights, especially why it is an obsessive activity for many.


This is at a fairly basic level at this stage; I'll go deeper into the psychology and historical context that has produced this later on if/when the real research starts. If you know of any (concise) desciptions that address this area (or that I could summarize) could you let me know please?


Also, if anyone has a bibliography/reading lists around the development of the practice and behaviour (not the technology or photographs themselves) of tourist photography, particularly within museums & galleries, could they please get in touch as I will need to investigate these topics this year?


Many thanks,


Derek Trillo MA ARPS

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  • I'm sure Martin Parr has approached this (visually) from a number of angles; the irony of this situation has appealed to (non amateur) photographers and features in their work, e.g. Lee Friedlander. My own take on this, as a photographer, is in observing the ways people interact with aspects of culture: here are two (Ferrara and Fondation Maecht) of my own images.

    Best, Piers Rawson (PhD Art History, Manchester 1986 - but always a freelance photographer...http://www.scenae.co.uk)




  • Hello David

    Thank you for your swift response. I am applying to the University of Manchester within Museum Studies (as they have some AHRC funding, whereas photography departments don't) . My MA (photography) was from De Montfort.


    I know of UCLAN's research into tourism from a theoretical viewpoint (as opposed to business), but I wasn't aware of CTCC's connection with photography; so I'll definitely contact Dr Picard.


    I am a tutor for the open college of the arts for which I have to recommend appropriate reading when marking each assignment (5 per module). As a result I've got around 30 students so far to buy/read  'Basics Photography: Lighting' by David Prakel - would that be you?


    Many thanks,




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