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Is anyone interested in the envelopes that negatives were presented when the came back from the lab. such as Boots , Kodak, or the local chemist.

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Yes, I am, and have a few. More specifically in those that were marked as having emmanated from photographic studios and processors in Derbyshire (England) and the Bay of Plenty (New Zealand), my two main areas of interest. Ephemera like this often have the name of the client written on them, which provides another interest connection between photographer, subject, camera equipment, photos and printers.

Yes! Many are attractive in their own right. The Kodak ones from c1910 feature the Kodak girl, the Ensign and Ilford envelopes are coloured and they are reflect the prevailing design aesthetic of their period.

Hi - I am helping the local charity shop with a large collection of documents which were being thrown out by a family who had no interest. It includes images from the 1860s to 1960s. Most of them boring portraits of clergy men and their travels in the Holy Land.Most so boring that the envelops are more interesting than the contents!
I am keen to raise some money for the charity which deals with young people with learning difficulties.Sugestions welcome
There is also a metal storage box with a 'Kodak' sign on an oval plate. Measures about 6x4.5 inches. Inside there are two book type folders. The number 339 is impressed in the lid next to the "kodak' sign.
(how do I put a photo here???)
Sorry can't find Derbyshire ones. But must be fifty of sixty, with a few duplicates, some obviously quite early. I could send you a list. (Or some photos if I new how!)
Does anyone specialise in this area? Some I have are quite early I imagine.

Hi Geoff & a little while ago I wrote an article on print envolopes for Tailboard, the magazine of the PCCGB. I can send you a scan of it if of interest. Also my proper job is photographic consultant for an auction company and we sold the collection of envolopes after I had written about them so I have quite a few images as well.

Let me know when you can.


Thats great I would love to read your article - plus any images that you have available. My email address is

Hi Geoff & I just sent you a scan of the article & some images via WeTranser. I hope you find them interesting.


Geoff Lowe said:

Thats great I would love to read your article - plus any images that you have available. My email address is
Thanks Tim - Good article - There are about 60 here, some are quite early and there are a few duplicated. I don't suppose they fetched much at auction, but it would be interesting to know the sort of value they have. I have taken a photo of the more interesting ones. How do I get that image to you? I'm in my eighties and not very good at this digital stuff! Thanks again. Geoff

Hi Geoff & not sure if you can post a picture here, if not my direct email is



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