I am writing to you from Norway because I came across your site. My name is Inger Lyngstad. 

I am searching the origin of a photo ? image related to the Illustrated London News.  

I have in my possession an old wooden door with an image of the first page of an issue of The Illustrated London News. For a long time, we did not know anything about the illustration, but  the last year I have tried to find out about it. I am just an amateur and interested person.

I found out that it is an image of the ILN from May 7th 1864. The door is probably decorated about 1865 in Norway. I don’t have any knowledge about how or who did it. I have never seen the similar here I Norway, and cannot find any literature about it here in Norway.


The image is reverse (according to the paper, the text is reversed), and that puzzles me.  I have read that they at that time used a photo-transfer from illustrations on paper to the wooden blocks before engraving and printing the papers. Did they also photo-transfer the images  to other objects for commercial purposes? 

I would be very happy to know more about this. 

I hope you have the time to comment on this. Maybe you can assist me in connecting with someone who maybe  is interested in this?

Best regards

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