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Photography student seeking postcards/photos of Southampton for project

Hello all,

This is my first post after coming across the site in a Google search to find postcard and photograph collectors. Let me introduce myself -

I am a third year student at Solent University studying Photography. For my final year project I have decided to look at the history of Southampton through the use of historical photographs, postcards and other documents. My intention is to use these found images to alter and question our perception of familiar buildings and locations in the city. Going deeper than that I am interested in the use of archives and the process of collecting to sustain information that may otherwise be lost and forgotten and the transition between physical collections and digital archiving.

In the last month I have contacted a couple of local collectors, one of which had a large number of Edwardian postcards by FGO Stuart and was able to email me some scans of them. I have also visited the local history archives at the public library and the collections at Southampton University. Both were interesting and insightful but I have been having difficulty getting further access to material in order to photograph and document it using the studios at my uni. I can request copies but they start at £4 per image (printed or cd copy).

Im wondering if anyone here could offer some help or could point me in the direction of postcard/photo collectors that would be willing to share their pieces. I would ideally like to photograph the material first hand in my university studios but could possibly travel a reasonable distance in order to do this at someones home. I would also appreciate scanned copies sent by email.

Could someone also reccomend some academic websites or books that I could use to research the Victorian use of Photography to document and archive, and how it has been used since for the same purpose.

I also am trying to find a full length version of a BBC4 docmentary aired last september  - Timeshift: The Picture Postcard World of Nigel Walmsley. Does anyone happy to have a copy?

Thanks so much for your help,


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eBay can be a good and often very cheap source 

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