Postcards from photographs, 1912

Does anyone have information on Geo. Moore, who made postcards from photographs of performers?  With which firm was he associated? He sent a query to the British Journal of Photography (Feb. 16, 1912) asking how the new Copyright Act (of 1911) impacted on his business.  My question relates to research on Florence Vandamm, who was one of the photographers cited, for the upcoming conference on photography and copyright in the long 19th century. 

Thank you

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  • I'm very glad to find such an active forum! There are many professional photographers here, what about this
    I'm very interested in your opinion!

  • Thank you for the information on Vandamm.  Do you know of information on Moore or  source of information on the postcard manufacturers or making postcards from photographs in the period?  I am trying to determine whether this was a common practice.


  • Yes, I saw, but could not identify, the photographs there.  I was also thrilled to find the complete curriculum for the Regents Polytechnic.  She moved to NYC in 1923 for the remainder of her long, successful career.  Her collection is at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, from which I recently retired.  There are very few prints from the London period in her collection, but there is a scrapbook of magazine and newspaper clippings from 1910-1915.

    I have been researching her London career (1908-1923) to complete a study of her life and work.  And to bring her back to prominence.  

  • A number of photographs taken by Florence Vandamm at her London studio are held by the University of Westminster Archive:

  • Florence Vandamm was a RPS member and there are various references to her in the Society's Journal:

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