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Process and Half-tone plates 1895 onwards

As a part of a wider photo history project I am interested in the characteristics of these type of glass plates, sometimes also produced as flexible films. They were introduced from 1895 but were in production in various forms for decades.

I have some comparisons from the 1890s Journal of the Royal Photographic Society and a little from the BJP. If anyone has manufacturers information in particular I would be keen to hear.

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Hi John,

I have several boxes of Ilford N50 halftone glass plates from quarter plate to 12x16 inch.

I think they are classed as high contrast thin film half tone.

I can open one of the boxes and see if there is any paper info inside if that's of interest?

I think they were manufactured between the 1930s and 50s?


Hi Tony. Thanks for that. They were indeed a 1930s product, introduced when Ilford had a Process Department. You can see where this product fits in the 1935 hierarchy here

I have a little detail on that product but I may get back to you on that offer - thanks!



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