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Quest for photo of Gregory Harlip (1893-1945)

Hello everyone,

I've been searching for more than a year for a photo of Gregory Harlip. Not by him, but of him.

He once had a studio in Berlin, photographed all the famous German film stars of the era, but the Nazis forced him to flee. He eventually arrived in London in 1937 and set up a new shop (Studio Harlip) at 161 New Bond Street.

He did well, photographed prominent figures in British society. He died in 1945 and his wife, Monte Rosa Harlip (née Hachnochi) continued the business, adopting the professional name Madame Mirova (or Mirowa).

Many photographs by Gregory Harlip survive, but I can find none of the man himself. His full name was Gregori Jacob Harlip. He Anglicized it to Gregory when he set up in the UK.

Please know that I have searched exhaustively for a photo, written to many institutions, libraries, museums, etc., etc. No luck. They had no children. I can find no surviving relatives.

My best hope is that a colleague from his era might have a photo of him. Would be grateful for any help. Thank you.

Best wishes, 

Joe Moore

Barcelona, Spain

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