Hi, I'm doing some research for an exhibition and am interested in the relationship between the Suffragettes and the newly launched Daily Mirror. Does anyone know if the DM photographers liaised with the Suffragettes or whether the Suffragettes fed them photographs? Be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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  • Hello Sarah  - The relationship between the press and the Suffragettes is a subject I have recently spent some time studying. It is well known and it is also apparent there were relationships (with cameras) between the Suffragettes with the early trades union movement and the proto Russian Communists. This was in their formative years before the establishment of The Labour Party. It seems there was plenty of commonality to be found in their politics and class struggle around the time of the Dockers Strike. Identities were somewhat blurred as the struggles of the working man and the working woman were sharply brought into public focus in 1889.

    I will shortly be posting one photograph of unique content which will show this collaboration or enterprise and their associations. 

  • Thanks so much for this Martin, I have been in touch with both Elizabeth and Gillian which has been very helpful. I have since found some more evidence of relationships between the press photographers and the suffragettes which is interesting. If you come across anything in the future please do let me know! Thanks again for responding.

  • I don't know specifically about the Mirror but I am sure that the various UK suffrage groups did liaise with press photographers. Some of the press photographs I have were definitely not just taken by chance. Somehow I doubt that the suffrage groups actually fed the papers with their own photographs.

    Two very knowledgeable people to ask would be Elizabeth Crawford (see "The Woman and her Sphere" blog site) and Gillian Murphy of "The Women's Library" (based at the LSE). If I can help more let me know - I am both a suffrage and photography collector.

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