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See What You Can See, Please (details On Old Photos)?

Assuming you're bored to tears by the Tory leadership debate and are sheltering indoors from the heat, perhaps you might like to look closely (running any filters and software you have) at the following photos?

Part of my ongoing research into the history of my street involves intently studying and often redating old photos by comparing shop signs to trade directories etc. Sometimes, as with the photos below, I *think* I can see something but others-whose opinion I respect- can't always  and so I thought I would ask here.

The first is a very Lo-res shop sign from 1876 (I think), containing 2 words. I am pretty sure I can make out what it says but won't tell you my guess- 'confirmation bias' and all that. Unfortunately I can't easily get a higher res copy. 

The 2nd Photo is from a magic lantern slide, which I am 99% certain comes from 1897. Please embiggen the very 'normal for norfolk'  (expressing things politely, there) looking boy's face and tell me what you see and what you think it might be, please.

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