I  am trying to complete the listing of the titles of stereoviews made by the London Stereoscopic Co of the 1862 London Exhibition , and would ask  if anyone has the titles for the following numbers in the series , please contact through the British Photographic History Website , or email me direct - Graham Wood at grawood@ntlworld.com . The stereoview numbers for which i am missing titles are : 82,85,89,143,164,174,177,178,184,186,187,188,190,197,202,205,207,215,217,224,226,227,231,234,235,



The later numbered views seem to be the ones which are most difficult to find

Thanking you in advance

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  • Graham,

    The noted eBay photodealer "claudiacaroline" (aka David Dickinson) has a fair number of views from this series on sale at the moment. It may be worth checking them out to see whether there are any of the ones you're looking for. (I should perhaps stress that I am not connected in any way with Mr Dickinson, other than as the very happy purchaser of a number of items from him, and signed up to be notified of new items on sale. These views have only recently been listed.)

  • Hello Robert

    I'm afraid i have no information on Harvey Havery- George or the 1887 exhibition



  • I wonder if you have any information on Harvey Havery-George who specialised in lantern slides.and won 2 medals at London Stereoscopic Co's exhibition in 1887. I understand he had a studio at Imperial Mansions, Oxford Street, Westminster (1888 - 1889). I am researching East London and Essex Photographers.

    Regards - Bobfilm

  • Graham,

    Have you contacted Alison Morrison-Low at the National Museums of Scotland? They have the late Bernard Howarth-Loomes collection. He was fanatical about getting all the 1862 views though I know he struggled with the higher numbers. I don't know how far he got. I'm afraid I just don't have time to find all mine to see if I have some of your missing numbers. I once did a list for Bernard but not sure where it is now!



  • Hello Patrizia

    If you can contact me by email on grawood@ntlworld.com , i will send on the listing , if you need scans i have a number of the cards particularly in about the first 200 numbers , and can send scans or give you a description of those i have . I also have a number from William England's series Gems of Statuary . I hope to be able to hear your talk at Leicester in December .


  • Dear Graham Wood,

    I wonder if you would be prepared to share the list - I have been doing something similar although probably with a different aim (I am trying to establish how many of these stereos featured sculptures; I know the titles only go some way towards this, but they still give some indication). You would be of course aknowkledged gratefully in my research.


    A presto,

    Patrizia Di Bello

  • Thank You Michael , I have been looking at these and wondering whether i can afford to do anything but look ! Thanks to Sarah McDonald and the daybooks at the Getty , the listing i have for the 1862 Exhibition Stereoviews is now missing only a few titles - nos 174 , 231,252,306,307,323,328,331,333,335,336,337,340,341,343,345,347,348,& 350 .

    Michael Pritchard said:
    Graham - there is a section of 1862 stereo views in Bryan Ginns' auction: http://www.rtam.com//stereographica/cgi-bin/CATALL.CGI
  • Graham - there is a section of 1862 stereo views in Bryan Ginns' auction: http://www.rtam.com//stereographica/cgi-bin/CATALL.CGI
  • Hi Both - List will be landing in your in-boxes shortly. Doesn't have all the answers though. But then that would be too easy, wouldn't it! Take care, Sarah
  • Thanks Sarah
    I will get in touch at some stage to arrange a visit to the Getty , any information i pull together will of course be available to you - if you require scans of 1862 stereoviews or indeed a number of other LSC series please get in touch - i may be able to supply them - it may be interesting to compare the negative with the positive . Look forward to receiving the info from you when you have time to send it

    Sarah McDonald said:
    Graham - you are welcome to come in and have a look at what we've got. There is no specific info on photogaphers - they're usually credited to good old William England though we've already discovered LSC's tricksy habit of miscrediting or not crediting photographers. I've got one complete book (includes Dublin and some exhibits from 1862 appeared again here) but there should be another in the library as the stereo daybooks were made in pairs for obvious reasons. I'll email the titles shortly and we can arrange a visit. Any exchange of info would be very welcome... Best, Sarah
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