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Tracing Talbot…

Over the past decade I have been putting together a referenced chronology tracking all of WHF Talbot's movements, covering, in particular, his travels around mainland Europe. A substantial amount of work was done by my friend and colleague Marina del Dottore, the late David Gray with assistance from Trudy Wallace and Shelia Metcalf.

The project, to date covers the period 1821 to 1835; it is my aim to complete phase one of this work by the end of this year taking it through to 1840. The second part would cover the period of time leading up to and including the setup and running of the Reading Establishment and his photoglyphic engraving process (through to 1866).

I would welcome the involvement of any interested parties, that might wish to participate. I have the first section available in draft form as a .pdf document.


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A sample page can be view and downloaded as a .pdf file from Talbot
michaelg said:
A sample page can be view and downloaded as a .pdf file from Talbot

Please note that this should be: [no space after Talbot]
best to cut and paste the first link above, the software of this forum strips the html code from any URL which has a space between words -- and there is a space after Tracing, but I attempted to paste the URL in a previous reply (now deleted) and it was exactly as Michael first posted... or to see how mangled this gets try:

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