• Does anyone have any Kodak Ektachrome EPP 100 35mm from that era they can check for me. I'm looking to use this atm

  • ooo wonderful! is this on the outside or inside the box, only reason i ask is because i'm looking for expired film on ebay?

  • I've just dug out an old box of portra: "finished and packed in England" so it would have been done at that factory.

  • awesome, i'll need to have a look into that, i'm fairly sure the boxes don''t tell you where it was manufactured unlike ilford

  • most of them! well, finishing the raw film into ready-to-use and ready-to-sell film at that factory:

    "From 17 base types of raw film stock come 299 final packaged products: different speeds, lengths, pack sizes and languages. Eighty per cent of output is exported, mostly to the rest of Europe and the Middle East." ("management today" article from 1992)

  • Any idea what kodak were making?

  • Ilford is still making FP4+ in 35mm, 120, and sheet formats. (it's black and white, though, not colour)

    Kodak was still making film in the UK until 2004 at the Annesley factory.

  • Just checked the web link and the hyperlinks seem to be down for me

  • Thanks guys i'm just looking through those links, my project is based on using only British equipment for a lomo style approach. So cheap 35mm film cameras. I'm currently looking at Kodak coloursnaps but if anyone can recommend anything that may be suitable i would love to hear from you?.I choose 35mm film as it's likely that it will not be as old. Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe Ilford made FP4 in England up until the 90's, again if anyone can recommend any other film made in the UK later or the last model of colour film made in the UK it would help greatly!

  • The best resource is Channing and Dunn's British Camera Makers. If you have any specific firms you are trying to trace let me know and I can check my files for you. 

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