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I am beginning research for my MLitt dissertation on the history of photographic collections in the UK and would appreciate any recommendations of texts on this topic. Thanks in advance

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Hi, Robyn. I gave a paper on UK photographic collections at the V&A in November. What specifically are you looking at?

My work with Native American photography at the Smithsonian deals heavily upon the collections of William Blackmore whose work is now in the British Museum.  For more info. check out my book Native American Photography at the Smithsonian:  The Shindler Catalogue.  Also Sandra Camarda's dissertation on Blackmore as well as other scholar's work on him.

For an comprehensive examination of Blackmore's use of Photography, his eponymous museum in Salisbury.and the significance of his library, see my study "Collecting the American West
The Rise and Fall of William Blackmore" (Hobnob Press, 2010).

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