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I am looking for information on any British photography exhibitions, between the early 1940s and the late 1960s.
I would be grateful for any leads.

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I have not found  reference to any of the photographer's that you mention in any of my grandfather's material - that is not to say he was NOT influenced by any of them - I expect there were many influences in his work, although from what I know and what I was told by my father, he was an individual in his thoughts and works, so I expect he would have tried hard to "lead" rather than "follow", wherever possible. The colour self-portraits were all taken around 1959/1960 although I also have a number of monochrome surrealist images from earlier than this.

The Ida Kar Exhibition next year looks very interesting - I will certainly want to visit that.  My father mounted a retrospective exhibition of Dr Jouhar's work in 1991 at the Orleans House Gallery. I would like to try to do that again at some point in the future if possible. It will be 50 years since Dr Jouhar's death, in 2013, so maybe I can work towards doing it then, if I can find a gallery that is interested.





Terence Pepper said:

Just caught up with this interesting correspondence on the olace and importance Of Dr Jouhar's work in pictorial photography. The set of colour  surreal self-portraits are particularly revealing and seem to reference works by Madame Yevonde, Man Ray and Angus McBean (the egg image in particualr) Did he ever mention these names? For any list of important photographic exhibitions held in the period 1940-1960 refdrence should certainly be made to Ida Kar's exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery as a key event. Ida Kar's career is being celebrated at the National Portrait Gallery in March 2011

Damian ... Soon after (Sir) Roy Strong became director of the National Portrait Gallery in 1967, he mounted a Cecil Beaton exhibition at the gallery (1968).  It was, according to Strong, 'a turning point in the Gallery's history'.

I'm sure you already know about the Gernsheims' Masterpieces of Victorian Photography at the V&A in 1951. 

I will try to remember if I saw any other exhibitions before the end of the 1960s ... Colin Ford

And I think I have a copy of Gernsheims' 1951 V&A exhibition catalogue somewhere if you want to have a look at it .....

"From today painting is dead" - The Beginnings of Photography

The Victoria & Albert Museum, 16 March/14 May 1972

May I humbly recommend my Album on this site devoted to the Creative Photo Group. Its Exhibition was reviewed by Ainslie Ellis in the British Journal of Photography on 16th October 1964.

Jack Gordon

Contact Sarah McDonald, curator at the Getty Images Hulton Archive (I am pretty sure that she is a member of British Photographic History as I am).  She should have documentation which covers the period which interests you.  I ought to as well, but at the age of 85, memory can be frayed at the edges.

John Chillingworth

Does anyone have any information about an exhibition held at the Royal Festival Hall, London in November 1961 by The Photographic Fine Art Assocation ?


Thanks very much,




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