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Having looked up Gandolfi cameras on the internet, it seems that a film was produced to show the history of the company. It was called Gandolfi- A Family Business. It doesn't say on the website whether the film was released. It was made in 2003 by Ken Griffiths. Does anyone know whether it was made into a DVD because I'd love to see it.

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There is a website devoted to the film ( with a contact phone number: Michael Dixon / tel: 07974 679199. 

In mid-2012 Michael Dixon told me that the process of generating a DVD had begun, so I hope there may have been some progress. I haven't heard anything, so if anyone has any more news I'd love to hear it!

There was a much earlier (probably late 1970s) programme shown on, I think, BBC television. It showed Fred Gandolfi in his workshop, talking about the cameras and how they were made. I believe that I still have a copy of this that I made on VHS tape, which might still be playable. I'll look into it.


If you do manage to track a copy of the film down The RPS would be pleased to host a public showing at our headquarters in Bath. I remember Fred Gandolfi giving a talk to the RPS Historical Group in the early 1980s in London. 

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