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I have a Hunter Penrose process/repro?  camera, with an 18" Taylor Hobson lens.
I would like to know if there is anyone on this blog that knows anything about these cameras as I am considering selling it. that is if i can lift the thing out of my studio, it weighs at least 35 kilos! are these things saleable? I have heard of people using them as coffee tables, putting plate glass on top, it has the right height for that, I have also a selection of film holders for it, made in mahogany and brass, down to 5x4 inches. What I would really like to know is, is there a specialist market for these things, and if so where?

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Replies to This Discussion;to... hello, new member, i also have one of these camera's that can be seen on this site (page 11) and it very much look's like being a forgery, it dates back to around 1900, how is this done did someone cut the images out of another photo and inserted into this large room, ?
Hi, Thats a projector not a camera, sorry.

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