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Hi all,

I don't suppose anyone has any further information on Kodak's lecture service / Dennis Kemp

We're talking 60's and early 70's in London, and from what I understand, the lecture service was essentially an indirect marketing arm for the company, with a small group of specialists travelling across the UK with colour slides to showcase Kodak's products to schools via slideshows and talks. The schools would request talks on particular themes, and Dennis would then drive (often with his close friend, the Ghanaian photographer James Barnor) to that school to present them.

Dennis Kemp was based at the head office off Holborn, living between a small flat on Theobold's Road (Clerkenwell) and his family home in Southwick. He was an accomplished climber and would photograph his activities, showcasing them in these lectures. I understand that prior to this he was a medical photographer, and also worked as an examiner for City & Guilds' Intermediate Photography course. I'm looking for more information on Dennis' career in particular and his relationship with Kodak.

Many thanks in advance


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Hello! There are a number of files relating to the Kodak Lecture Service in the Kodak Historical Collection at the British Library. These would be worth exploring once the library re-opens.  Let me know if I can assist further. 

Hi Michael - you're exactly right, thank you! I hadn't been searching in the right spot (main collection - not archive/manuscripts). Great news - and a great deal of holdings! L 

I did the original listing for the KHC to prepare it for public access and I didn't note Kemp's name but you may discover something. 

Laura Algar said:

Hi Michael - you're exactly right, thank you! I hadn't been searching in the right spot (main collection - not archive/manuscripts). Great news - and a great deal of holdings! L 


The Kodak lecture service used to send lecture slides on many photographic subjects to camera clubs to project themselves.

Patrick Archer

My Grandfather, Dr.S.D.Jouhar FRPS FPSA (known in Photographic circles as “The Doctor”) was involved in the Kodak Lecture Service in the late 1950’s.  One of the lectures he produced was called “Making Exhibition Pictures”

Here is an example of the booklet that would be sent round, for that lecture. There were also slides to illustrate the talk. In this case there were 48 slides, mostly of Exhibition prints that he had displayed. (I still have many of the original prints) and for each image there was some narrative.  The picture above is No.8  “Skaters”

Hello Laura

I knew Dennis in the early '60s and helped him take photographs in Tunnel Cave in the Swansea Valley. While he set up his camera, I waited behind a rock flash powder ready and waiting for his signal, then poof! The photographs, both underground and above, were helping raise money for the Balinka Pit expedition (Yugoslavia) being mounted later that year (1964) by the South Wales Caving Club. I am still an SWCC member, but no longer active. As an Apprentice to the Central Electricity Board, I arranged for him to make a presentation (paid of course) of an expedition to K2 (1957 I believe).  Dennis and one or two others waited in a snow tunnel where from where some fellow climbers attempted, but never returned from the summit.

Planning a trekking and climbing expedition to Morocco, Dennis invited me to lead. I would have loved to, but unfortunately, really didn't have the money to pay my share of the costs. Anyway, that expedition did take place without me; I might be able to find a few more details if you wish.

Dennis was a member of SWCC for many years before travelling to Australia. As I'm still an SWCC member and have access to the newsletters going back to that time, I can find dates if you wish. I have confirmed your Dennis is the same as the one I knew, by the Southwick address which is recorded in the SWCC Membership List.

I came upon your query while researching Dennis myself. Of the Photographs mentioned above, he took some of a very young me and my, now, wife at Penwyllt, mounted (never having ridden before) on horses borrowed from a local farmer. I'd love to find those photographs (surely they must be archived somewhere) as I have such fond memories of that day. If you or anybody else could help with my quest, I'd be very grateful to you.

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