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Hi Guys,

I am looking for any information that you may have on Edmund Wormald. A well regarded and influential photographer who had his own studio in central Leeds.

I am especially interested in the period between 1867 - 1888. This is where the trail goes a cold so any help would be appreciated.  

Many thanks,


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Hi, Nick. E. Wormald registered various photographs of Leeds between 1866 and 1881. These were reported in photographic press.  There is a short report of his Cathedrals and Abbeys book in 1875. He was on the council of the West Riding of Yorkshire Photographic Society in the 1870/80s.

His paper to the WRYPS on albumenising plates was published in the BJP (14 Feb 1879, p. 77.  He also spoke on photographic lenses to the Leeds PS in 1882.  There are various other references. 

There was also an 'E Wormald' elected to the Royal Institution in 1904. 

Dear Michael,

Thank you that's very helpful and kind of you.

Kind regards,


Hi Nick

Here is some research I did on Edmund and Joseph, his brother, along with a portrait.

Kind Regards


Thank you Steve, much obliged to you.

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