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Looking for old photos of the Ernest Bernays Memorial Institute - Stanmore

I recently photographed the Ernest Bernays Memorial Institute in Stanmore, following an extensive restoration. I have done all the usual searches, but can't find any pictures of the building taken during its existence since 1871. It is apparently one of only three buildings in Stanmore build before 1900. If anyone knows of any images of the hall taken earlier in its history, please let me know and I will pass the contact on to the management of the hall.

Many thanks.


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Iain Leith at the National Monuments Record/English Heritage in Swindon is often a good person to try...
You might want to check out the book 'A History of the County of Middlese' (1976) by Baker & Pugh. It covers the 9 parishes in north and north-east Middlesex, and if I recall rightly, it contained some old photos of Little Stanmore, though I can't guarantee it has any old photos of the Institute !
Thank you very much for your suggestions. I have passed the information on. I think it would enhance their archive tremendously if they could have some early shots to set against the recent ones that I did. Thanks again.


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