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Maurice Sinay Berger & London Photographic Paper Works

I’m researching the photographic paper making company M S Berger and Co who were in Hampstead from the late 1890s until the early 1900s and from 1910, an involvement with the British PhotoPaper Company. Any thoughts on where to search for information, besides British Newspapers Online, gratefully received.

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Hi, Nettie.

Based on my own company files and other sources the following approx. chronology may be helpful depending on which direction your research is heading.

The first reference I have to Berger and Co is 1899 but I suspect that it was in business before that. It introduced a printing out paper called Nicol in 1899. The firm’s address was South Hill Works, Hampstead [London] N.W.

M S Berger was also a member of the Photographic Plate and Paper-Makers’ Association from at least 1900

The Berger and Co business was taken over by the Luxia Company at South Hill Works, Hampstead, as manufacturers of Luxia photographic printing papers, notice published 4 June 1904 BJP.

1908. F. Turtle (trading as the Luxia Co.), residing at Mersea House, Wealdstone, Middlesex, and carrying on business at South Hill Works, Hampstead, in the county of London was recorded as bankrupt on 8 December 1908.

In 1909 M S Berger and Co, was at 106-110 Kentish Town Road, Lomdon, described as photographic material manufacturers, registered Jonon as a trade name for photographic printing papers and cards. [10 Feb 1909]

M S Berger and Co Ltd was registered as a limited company on 31 December with capital of £3000 ‘to carry on the business of photographic chemists and engineers, manufacturers of and dealers in photographic machinery, etc,’ and to enter in to an agreement with M S Berger.  Berger’s address was given as 9 Clevedon Mansions, Highgate Road, London NW.

In 1910 the business of M S Berger and Co Ltd, was transferred to the British Photographic Paper Co, which has works at Scot’s Bridge Mill, Rickmansworth. Berger was described as sole manager of the former Luxia Company at Hampstead and latterly as managing director of M S Berger and Co Ltd, at Kentish Town, and had taken over the management of the company.

In 1912 Rexam Ltd was formed to carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in paper cards, etc for photographic purposes. The BPPCo was a signatory to this agreement, and the Registered Office was at Scot Bridge Mill.

In 1915 the BPPCo Ltd was noted as dissolved.

The National Archives, photographic press and London Gazette are the sources. Let me know if you need details. I may have a Berger and Co trade catalogue.

Let me know if I can assist further. I'd love to hear more about your research as well. 


PS... I just looked at Ancestry and there is a thread with pictures there. Berger seems to have married Ida Turtle. 

Maurice Seymour Sinay Berger

Birth 4 Mar 1856 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Death 27 Feb 1915 Kentish Town, Middlesex, England

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