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Photohistory questionnaire for PhD thesis

Hello everyone,

My name is David Croft and I am currently working on my PhD at De Montfort University.

For my thesis I am trying to use various artificial intelligence techniques to identify when the same picture is appearing in different collections. Basically just trying to identify co-referent records so that information which is missing from one record can be used to fill out gaps in the other. There are other possible applications but that's the focus right now.

The hope is that using AI techniques means that it will be possible to do these searches even when the exact information in the records are different it will still be possible to identify the underlying similarity and so match up the records.
Since my thesis is looking at searching for photographic records I am looking for a few individuals from the area of photographic history that would be willing to fill in a quick questionnaire about how they search digital museum collections and what they expect/desire from the results they get back.

The questionnaire can be found at
There are only 15 questions so it shouldn't take very long.

 Thanks in advance

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Hello - Hope you're research is going well. Is there an end date for the questionnaire?

I'm not a photo historian, but do have my experience in trying to locate photographs of people of color in historical records, if helpful.

Best, Kyra

Hi David,

Have you been in touch with Dr. Giles Bergel at Oxford Uni?

He's the Digital Humanities Research Ambassador for the Visual Geometry Group

We've been thinking hot their work can be related to historic photography collections and cataloguing.

Website here...

Well worth a look.


And now I feel foolish as I notice the post was made 6 years ago?!! Should it still be in the featured discussion area of the forum?

And furthermore... how'd the Phd go?

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