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Recent acquisitions Help needed to identify photographers

I bought a number of stereo views today , but have no idea who created the views. One is South Australian and I will post separately, all others are British.

One is held by the Getty Museum, and they did not identify the creator.

see   I would agree on the date seeing as it is on yellow card stock. I was wondering if it could be by George Washington Wilson? Two of the others are said to be St. Albans Abbey. See attachments etc

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Hi, Stephen. I have a couple of views of St Albans Abbey one of which matches yours shown here with the reverse, both shown below. Unfortunately, there's no clue regarding photographer. The other stereocard I have seems to be from the same period but shows a different couple in the foreground. I have c-de-v of the Abbey by Frederick Downer of Watford. The images seem to predate the start of the restoration of the Abbey from c1856 

Thanks Michael. I was wondering from the card stock used that in fact,  as you indicate the period might be 1850's. Makes these views some the earliest in my collection . (Acquired in a country antique store in Strathalbyn, South Australia)

I did find this site earlier today, but yet to take a closer look:

The yellow stereo looks more 1860s (I assume it's a flat mount and square corners.).  But the uncolored one with that style label is typically mid-1850s, as Michael indicates.

Thanks for your comments Alex. It would seem that the St Alban's Abbey and Houses of Parliament views predate my Brewster style viewers, newly acquired!

Hi Stephen I am looking forward to seeing the South Australian stereo. I am hoping I may be able to help you out in someway with that one? Cheers Bill

A couple of South Australian images; The first is by Bernard Goode and shows what I believe is the Mount Barker Road and the second is extinct volcano now filled with water, called the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier. Photographer unknown.

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