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Hi! I've tried to order some Secol ( archival protection sleeves, but apparently they do not ship to foreign destinations (or at least not for small quantities...). Can anyone please inform if they have a sales point in London, or otherwise if there are any specialised dealers where their products can be purchased in London?

Thanks so much, Jose.

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I do not know anywhere that sells them 'over the counter'. You could try which may be more helpful regarding shipping. Alternatively if you get really stuck have them shipped to me and I can meet you in London and pass them over when you are in London in February or I could send them on to Portugal. Regards
Silverprint, 12 Valentine Place, Waterloo, SE1 8QH sells Secol sleeves over the counter and by post.

Hi Jose,

I am based in the UK but buy my sleeves from Archival Methods in Henrietta NY. You have to pay shipping and import VAT (sales tax) but even with this, I believe they are significantly cheaper. You can order small quantities online and they will email you an invoice with shipping included, which can be paid via paypal.



James Kerr


I buy all my archival clear bags, storage boxes etc from

Process Supplies (London) Ltd

13-25 Mount Pleasant

Phone: 020 7837 2179
Fax: 020 7837 8551

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