Magic Lantern Lens.

Hi, I have a large 6" Brass Magic Lantern lens, but I can't find a Manufacturers name on it. There is a Trade Mark on the front and it says London Made and Established 1816. I wondered if anyone could tell me the company it belongs to. Thanks in advanc e for any help. 12671806653?profile=RESIZE_710x12671806882?profile=RESIZE_584x

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  • Thanks guys.

  • Edward Wrench founded the firm, on his death in around 1849 his son, John, took over. There was also an Alfred, Edward John and Herbert Wrench.
    The Registered Design number on the lens flap may help with dating.

  • Hi.. It's John Wrench see:

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  • Hi All, just found the maker. It's E Wrench of London.

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