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Seeking portrait of W. E. Kilburn of London

Hi all

Does anyone know of the existence of a portrait of daguerreotypist
William Edward Kilburn, or for that matter any of his brother Douglas
Thomas Kilburn who worked in Australia other than the one taken by J.
W. Beattie?


Marcel Safier
(Photographic Historian)
PO Box 239
Holland Park QLD 4121

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Hello mr Safier,
I collect daguerreotypes and have several by Kilburn.
I have bought a daguerreotype from ebay (dealer Shaun Caton) of a drawing of a man by Kilburn.
Shaun claims that it comes from the family and is possibly a portrait of Kilburn himself.IHe is a trustworthy dealer/collector.
I have no means to investigate it further, but I enclose a jkpeg of the dag and a copy of the ebay entry for it.
I would very much appreciate your comments.
Kind regards,
Meir Berk

Hi Meir, Thanks for sharing this. I am in touch with Alistair who is mentioned in the eBay description so I will remind him about this image as it hasn't yet been mentioned. Thank you for sharing the detailed scan. I will get back to you when I have more information. Cheers! Marcel

Hi Marcel

I would welcome any response to my Forum post on W E Kilburn and my blog post on the same and his relationship with John Barrett

The Forum post was on Feb 9 2022 and the original Blog post was on 18July 2020 with notes added on 11th May, 1st October and 30th November 2021

Although al the above entries have received approaching 500 reads sadly the information I was seeking has not been forthcoming

Geoff Rimmer

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