ZI Kolibri with unusual shutter.

Hi, I've just aquired a ZI Kolibri with a Tessar 5cm f3.5 lens Ser No S46649. My query is that it has a Balda Compur Rapid shutter with a top SS of 1/500. I've searched and can't find any info on a Zeiss Ikon Kolibri with this shutter fitted. I would like to know if it came from the factory with it or it was fitted later. Thanks in advance for your help.12643899285?profile=RESIZE_710x12643899466?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  •  Looks like the shutter has been replaced.


    • Hi Rob, I'm sure you're right. I've since found out that Zeiss Ikon had a 17% stake in a company called F Deckel who made the Compur shutters for various camera manufactorers. Thanks for your reply.

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