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A brief History of British Photography - A Short Course

In conjunction with, and taking place at, The Photographers’ Gallery, this short course will introduce some of the key movements, developments and figures in photography in Britain, from the beginnings to the present day.

What is the course about?
This course examines the origins of photography starting from before its formal invention in the 1820s up to the present.
Technical developments to the present day.
What photography has been used for in the past and today, and how that was influenced by technical, social, cultural and aesthetic developments.
The key themes, movements and people who have become prominent, and those conventional history have almost forgotten.

What topics will be covered?
Up to 1900
The camera obscura. Niepce. Fox Talbot, the Pencil of Nature and the Calotype. Hill and Adamson. Daguerre and the Daguerreotype. Bayard. The Wet Collodion Era. Julia Margaret Cameron. Nadar. Fenton and the Crimea war. Carte de Visite. Gustav le Gray. Rejlander. Robinson. John Thompson. Mathew Brady and the American Civil War. James Clark Maxwell and colour photography. Gelatin dry plates. Film and the dawn of ‘snapshot’ photography. Landscape. Portaiture. Foreign Travel. Documentary. Jacob Riis. Pictorialism.
1900 on
The Autochrome. Colour Photography. 35mm Photography
Albert Kahn. Atget.
Stieglitz and Steichen . Gallery 291.
Strand. Walker Evans and the Farm Security Admi9nistration. Dorothea Lange. Lewis Hine.
Ansel Adams. Edward Western The f64 Group. Man Ray.
Magazines – Picture Post and Life.
Eugene Smith. Cartier Bresson. Brassai.
1945 on
Film – colour and monochrome developments. The dawn of the digital age.
Photojournalism. Fine Art Photography. Scientific and Social uses.

Dates: 28/06/10 - 26/07/10
Day(s): Mon
Duration: 5 weeks
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Fee: £77 ?
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