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Livres et Manuscrits: 'Birth certificate’ of Photography

A highlight of a forthcoming Paris sale early next month is a handwritten document from 1829, signed Niépce, titled Notice sur l’Héliographie. Lot 53 can be yours for an estimated €35,000-50,000. The eight highly legible pages, written in an elegant yet precise style, are of major interest for the history of photography and, in fact, are said to constitute the ‘birth certificate’ of photography.

Or how about a cheaper Lot 23 of Daguerre's document on the history and description of the daguerreotype 1839 for an estimated €1,500-2,000.

With Christmas just round the corner, you can pick both up at this auction link here.


Image: Niepce's 1829 signed, handwritten document.

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Comment by Michael Wong on November 10, 2011 at 22:03

For those who are curious, the hammer price, including buyer's premium, for Lot 53 was a mere 204,750 Euro; whilst Lot 23 can be yours for a more reasonable 1,875 Euro.

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