12201165060?profile=originalDix Noonan Webb is to offer 56 photography medals dating from 1874-1897 awarded to Frank Meadow Sutcliffe of Whitby. Sutcliffe (1853-1941) was exhibited widely during his lifetime and his cabinet card noted that he was the recipient of 62 medals.. He was a member of the Photographic Society from 1874, and is best known for his views of Whitby and the surrounding area, 

Although the provenance is not given these medals along with the gold medals (which are not being auctioned) were previously on display in the Sutcliffe Gallery, Whitby. 

The auction takes place on 3 June 2021 and the lot is estimated at £2400-3000.

See: https://www.dnw.co.uk/auctions/catalogue/lot.php?auction_id=594&lot_uid=396470

UPDATE: The lot sold for £6500. 

12201165255?profile=originalThe catalogue description reads: 

The 56 medals awarded between 1874 and 1897 to the pioneering photographic artist Frank Sutcliffe, from Whitby, Yorkshire, one of the first photographers to create 'art' from his images:

International Exhibition of all Fine Arts Industries and Inventions, 1874, a bronze medal by G.T. Morgan, bust of Prince of Wales left, rev. Albert Hall, named (Francis Meadow Sutcliffe, Catalogue No. 4425 etc), 52mm (BHM 2992; E 1633);
Un-named Society [perhaps Liverpool or Newcastle-upon-Tyne-related], a bronze medal, unsigned, robed and winged female inscribing tablet on pillar, rev. wreath, named (Swan Plate Competition, 1881, Awarded to Mr F.M. Sutcliffe, for Landscape), 50mm;
Dundee and East of Scotland Photographic Association, 1882, a silver medal, unsigned [by Whytock & Sons, Dundee], arms and supporters, rev. exhibition dundee, un-named, 41mm, 27.54g (cf. DNW M11, 1121);
Photographic Society of Great Britain, bronze medals (4), unsigned [by W.J. Taylor], bust of Prince Albert left, revs. female driving quadriga, named (Frank M. Sutcliffe, Exhibition 1882; F.M. Sutcliffe, Exhibition 1886; Frank M. Sutcliffe, Exhibition 1887; Frank M. Sutcliffe, Exhibition 1889), all 64mm (cf. BHM 2525; E 1478);
Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, First Class, a bronze medal after W. Wyon, bust of James Watt left, rev. legend, named (Frank M. Sutcliffe, for Instantaneous Views, 1882), 45mm (E 1272);
Bristol & West of England Amateur Photographic Association, medals by J.A. Restall for Lavars (4, two silver, two bronze), arms and supporters, revs. international exhibition, named (silver: Frank M. Sutcliffe, 1883-4, F.M. Sutcliffe; bronzes: F.M. Sutcliffe), all 55mm, silver total wt. 132.58g (cf. DNW 64, 1136);
Photographic ExhibitionNorthampton, Prize Medal, a bronze medal by J.S. & A.B. Wyon, arms and supporters, rev. legend, named (F.M. Sutcliffe, 1884-5), 51mm;
Cardiff Photographic Society Exhibition, medals by J.A. Restall (3), in silver (2) and bronze, female seated left, head reverted, shield with Welsh dragon below, revs. wreath, named (silver: 1886, Figure Study, F.M. Sutcliffe, 1888, F.M. Sutcliffe, Class XXIIII; bronze: 1888, F.M. Sutcliffe, Class III), all 51mm, first hallmarked London 1887, silver total wt. 126.50g;
Dundee and East of Scotland Photographic Association, 1886, a silver medal, unsigned [by Whytock & Sons, Dundee], arms and supporters, rev. exhibition dundee, un-named, 41mm, 28.45g (cf. DNW M11, 1121), reverse with brooch mount;
Photographic Society of Ireland, a bronze medal, unsigned [by Woodhouse], cruciform shields, rev. wreath, named (Triennial Exhibition, Awarded to Frank M. Sutcliffe, Class 6 No.16, 1887), 51mm (cf. DNW 188, 757);
Borough of NottinghamArt Museum, Medal for Success in Art, a silver medal, unsigned, arms, rev. legend, named (Exhibition of Photographs, 1887, to Frank M. Sutcliffe for No. 47), 72mm, 119.67g;
Crystal Palace Photographic Exhibition, 1888, a bronze medal by J. Pinches, Britannia holding caduceus and key, opening the doors to the exhibition, lamb and helmet at her feet, rev. legend above wreath, un-named, 41mm (Allen p.138; MJP p.33);
Dundee and East of Scotland Photographic Association, 1888, a silver medal, unsigned [by Whytock & Sons, Dundee], arms and supporters, rev. exhibition dundee, named (Awarded to F.M. Sutcliffe), 41mm, 25.76g (cf. DNW M11, 1121);
Gloucestershire Photographic Society, a silver medal by H.B. Sale, arms and supporters, rev. wreath, named (April 1888, F.M. Sutcliffe, Class 9), 45mm, 50.22g;
Liverpool Amateur Photographic Association, Prize Medal, silver medals by Brookes & Adams (2), arms and supporters, revs. tablet above wreath, named (International Exhibition 1888, F.M. Sutcliffe), both 44mm, total wt. 79.00g (cf. DNW 131, 514);
Borough of Oldham, bronze medals (2), unsigned, arms and crest, revs. wreath, named (Photographic Exhibition, F.M. Sutcliffe, 1888), both 45mm (cf. DNW 64, 1132);
Coventry & Midland Photographic Society, a silver medal, unsigned, arms and crest, rev. camera within elaborate wreath, named (F.M. Sutcliffe, Champion, Class 5, 1889), 45mm, 42.65g;
Crystal Palace Photographic Exhibition, 1889, a bronze medal by J. Pinches, Britannia holding caduceus and key, opening the doors to the exhibition, lamb and helmet at her feet, rev. legend above wreath, named (F.M. Sutcliffe, Series-Cl. A, Sec. 2), 41mm (Allen p.139; MJP p.33);
Derby Corporation Art Gallery, 1882 [struck 1883], Industrial Art Prize Medal, a bronze medal by Phillips for P. Vaughton, crowned arms, rev. robed female with accoutrements of art, building in background, named (F. Sutcliffe, Whitby, June 1889), 39mm;
Mechanics’ InstituteKeighley, bronze medals by J. Moore (2), robed female standing in landscape, camera at right, revs. legend, named (F. Sutcliffe, 7 Jany. 1889, Champion; F. Sutcliffe, 7 Jany. 1889, Picture), both 45mm;
Photographic ExhibitionRichmondSurrey, a silver medal, unsigned [by J.A. Restall], crowned arms, rev. wreath, named (Awarded to F.M. Sutcliffe for Series of Landscapes, 1889), 45mm, 48.33g;
Photography, bronze medals by J.A. Restall (2), seated robed female, camera equipment at left, revs. wreath, named (Medal for General Study won by F.M. Sutcliffe, ‘Coventry’ Exhibition, 1889; Medal for Best Picture, won by F.M. Sutcliffe, Royton, 1890), both 38mm;
FRANCE, Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1889, a bronze medal by L.A. Bottée, Marianne crowning seated artisan, Exposition pavilion and Eiffel Tower below, rev. Fame seated on branch of tree, blowing trumpet, named (F.M. Sutcliffe), 63mm (Maier 131; PBE 9; ANS Exh. Cat. 1910, 15; BDM I, 231; cf. DNW 176, 373);
GERMANYPhotographische Jubiläums AusstellungBerlin, 1889, a silver medal by O. Schultz, male bust right, rev. radiant tablet, named (Zuerkannt Herrn Frank M. Sutcliffe), 45mm, 50.80g;
U.S.A.Photographic SocietyChicago, Art Institute, bronze medals (3), unsigned, eagle with feet resting on U.S. shield of arms, revs. 1st annual exhibition may 1889, named (F.M. Sutcliffe), all 38mm;
Crystal Palace Photographic Exhibition, 1890, a bronze medal by J. Pinches, Britannia holding caduceus and key, opening the doors to the exhibition, lamb and helmet at her feet, rev. legend above wreath, named (Frank Sutcliffe, Class C, Sec. 1), 41mm (Allen p.140; MJP p.33);
Mechanics’ InstituteKeighley, medals by J. Moore (2), in silver and bronze, robed female standing in landscape, camera at right, revs. legend, named (silver: F.M. Sutcliffe, Champion, 1890; bronze: F.M. Sutcliffe, Subject Pictures, 1890), both 45mm, silver 46.70g;
Newcastle-on-Tyne and Northern Counties Photographic Association, a bronze medal by J.A. Restall, elevation of church, rev. camera, central tablet named (Awarded to F.M. Sutcliffe, 1890), 45mm (cf. DNW M11, 1105);
Liverpool International Photographic Exhibition, a silver medal by J.A. Restall, arms and supporters, rev. camera, tablet and portrait on easel, named (1891, F.M. Sutcliffe), 45mm, 39.00g;
International Photographic ExhibitionLeeds, medals (3), unsigned [by J.A. Restall], in silver and bronze (2), classical male head right, radiant star around, revs. crested arms and supporters, municipal art gallery above, named (silver: F.M. Sutcliffe, Marine and Clouds, Leeds, 1891; bronze: Landscapes, F.M. Sutcliffe, Leeds, 1891, Outdoor Groups, F.M. Sutcliffe, Leeds, 1891), all 45mm, silver 40.17g (cf. DNW M11, 1119);
U.S.A.The Society of Amateur Photographers of New York, Fourth Annual Exhibition, a silver medal, unsigned, American eagle above camera on radiant sun, rev. wreath, named (Frank M. Sutcliffe, for Artistic and Technical Excellence, 1891), 57mm, 53.78g;
U.S.A.World’s Columbian ExpositionChicago, 1893, a bronze medal by C.E. Barber, figure of Christopher Columbus modelled by A. St. Gaudens, rev. legend on tablet, named (F.M. Sutcliffe), 77mm (Baxter 87; BDM I, 122; Eglitt 90);
FRANCEPhoto Club de Paris, 1897, a uniface plated plaque, unsigned, flower, named (F.M. Sutcliffe), 90 x 60mm;
Restoration of Royton Parish Church of St Paul, Photographic Exhibition, a silver medal, unsigned [by Elkington & Co], winged female standing in portico, flanked by camera and portrait on easel, rev. elevation of the Church, un-named, 45mm, 39.73g;
The Fine Art Society
, Champion Prize Medal, a silver medal by J. Moore for Restall, robed female standing in landscape, camera at right, rev. wreath, named (F.M. Sutcliffe, 1st Prize, Professional Work, Instantaneous), 45mm, 46.64g;
Newcastle-on-Tyne and Northern Counties Photographic Association, silver award medals (2), unsigned [by J.A. Restall], adorned head, revs. wreath, un-named, both 39mm, total wt. 60.34g;
AUSTRIAEhrenpreis des Club der Amateur-PhotographenVienna, medals by H. Jauner (2), in silver-gilt and plated light bronze, bust of Louis Daguerre left, revs. wreath, named (Frank Sutcliffe in Whitby), silver-gilt 43mm, 37.30g, bronze 60mm (Hauser 3227-8; Horsky 7241; Wurzb. 1569) [56].


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