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Auction: Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History / London: 13 November

This auction includes many photographs from the mid-19th century through to the mid-20th century, covering many parts of the globe. Of great rarity is a group of glass plate negatives of China by Thomas Child, which are the only known negatives by Child to survive and were made in Beijing in the 1870s and 1880s (lot 201).  We are also delighted to offer photographs from the collection of Sven Gahlin, including a number of important 19th century albums of Indian and Anglo-Indian subjects by Shepherd & Robertson, Samuel Bourne, Eugene Clutterbuck Impey and Sir Benjamin Simpson among others. The Gahlin collection also includes photographs by Thomas Annan (shown right), Herbert G. Ponting, Hill & Adamson, and early photographs of Canada by Frederick Dally (lot 168).


25. Annan. Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow. 1900

  1. Hill & Adamson. Afghans or Circassian armour
  2. James. Plans and photographs of Stonehenge, 1867


62. Constantinou.. Album of Athens, c.1860

  1. Terris. Marseille, c.1862
  2. Ponti. Venice, 1855


79. Dammann. Ethnological Photo gallery, c.1875


96. Bonfils. Palestine album, 1870s

  1. Album of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Athanes, 1870s-80s
  2. Bonfils. Egypt, 1870s
  3. Bonfils. Syria, 1870s
  4. Egypt, late C19th
  5. Frith. Sinai & Palestine, 1862
  6. Beck. Views of Athens, c.1864
  7. Holmes. North West Frontier photographs, 1920s-30s
  8. American Colony. Mammoth photo of the Dome of the Rock, c.1900
  9. Frith. Mammoth plate of Jerusalem, 1858
  10. Lebanon. Collection of albums, c.1920s
  11. Mecca & the Hajj
  12. The Egyptian Mahmal
  13. Mecca and the Mahmal
  14. Bonfils & others. Palestine, Constantinople, Lebanon etc.
  15. Persia. A collection of photographs, C19th and C20th
  16. Persian Gulf album of Bushehr, c.1909
  17. Portrait of Ibn Saud by Robert Richie c.1950
  18. Arabia photographs, 1917-18
  19. Album of Syria, c.1874
  20. Abdullah Freres. Constantinople, c.1865
  21. United Arab Emirates collection



  1. Hawaii, c. 1870s
  2. Frederick Dally. Album of British Columbia, 1867-70
  3. Bermuda collection, c.1870s
  4. Mexico album, c. 1896-1900


181. East Africa, 1904-09

  1. East Africa, c.1880s
  2. Comoros islands, 1885
  3. Morocco, 1910
  4. South Africa, Zulu War, c.1879



  1. Borneo, Brunei and Malaysia album, 1924-26
  2. Bourne. Album of India, c.1865-80
  3. Bourne. Album of India, 1870s
  4. Bourne. India photographs, c.1870s
  5. Andaman islands, c.1919-21
  6. Gastaldy. Cambodia, c.1930
  7. ?Ponting. Ceylon
  8. Thomas Child. Negatives of China, c.1870s-80s
  9. China photographs, c.1920s
  10. China photographs, c.1906
  11. China Magazine, 1868
  12. China Album, 1906
  13. Gsell. Cambodia, 1860s-70s
  14. Gsell. Indochina, 1860s-70s
  15. Gsell. Cambodia & Vietnam, c.1860s-70s
  16. Gsell. Vietnam, c.1870s80s
  17. Hong Kong panoramas
  18. Bourne & Shepherd etc. India & Ceylon
  19. Frith series. India
  20. Baudesson and others. India
  21. India, views around Calcutta
  22. Shepherd & Robertson. India
  23. India & Nepal. Album of maharajahs etc., c.1880s
  24. Clarke and others. Album of India, c.1859-60s
  25. India. Album including Sikh and British military groups, c.1862-72
  26. Impey. Album of photographs of India, c.1858-63
  27. Gastaldy. Indochina, c.1930
  28. Gastaldy. Indichina, c.1930
  29. Japan album, c.1890s
  30. Kashmir Album, c.1886-92
  31. Korea. Photographs by Felice Beato, c. 1871
  32. Korea stereoviews, 1904
  33. Sikkim and Tibet, 1885
  34. Panorama of Yekaterinburg, 1880s
  35. Sumutra and Indonesia, c.1890s
  36. Philippines, c.1890s
  37. Pont. India, c.1860s-70s
  38. Portuguese Timor. C.1902
  39. Salzwedel. Indonesia, c.1870s-90s
  40. Schulze. Indonesia and Thailand, c. 1870s-90s
  41. Shanghai album, c.1900
  42. Shanghai panorama
  43. Siamese portraits, 1860s-70s
  44. Skeen. Ceylon and Java, 1860s-80s
  45. Skeen. Ceylon, 1880s
  46. Simpson. India, 1860s
  47. Thomson. China, 1873
  48. Assmy. Yangtze River, 1906
  49. Ponting. Polar photos, 1910-13
  50. Ponting. Polar photos, 1910-13
  51. Antarctic Expedition photo, 1901

269. Ponting. The Tenements, c. 1913

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