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To accompany the 10-part BBC television series as mentioned in an earlier blog here, The Francis Frith Collection announced that it will also be publishing a book focussing on the achievement of the Victorian photographer Francis Frith, who in the 1860s embarked upon a colossal project — to photograph every town and village in the United Kingdom.

The photographic record of Britain compiled by the Frith company is one of the first and most comprehensive pictorial records of Britain. 'Britain's First Photo Album' will feature a selection of superb images from the Frith archive taken in the second half of the 19th century showing how the country appeared in Frith's lifetime, which will be contrasted with modern photographs taken by John Sergeant of the same locations in the present day. History is brought to life as each chapter of the tie-in book, focuses on four storylines inspired by vintage Frith photographs, with John Sergeant journeying around Britain meeting people with a connection to these photos from the past.

'Britain's First Photo Album' (w/t) will be released in February 2011, RSP £20.


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