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Book: Making Kodak Film, The Illustrated Story of State-of-the-Art Photographic Film Manufacturing

Well, the secret is out!

According to the author, Robert L. Shanebrook, who worked with Kodak for 35 years, this book describes the “secrets” of film manufacturing. Actually, it explains how Eastman Kodak makes film.

More than 200 complex chemical components are coated on to film base in up to 18 unique, precision layers which in total are half the thickness of a human hair. This insider’s view explains in simple terms how the operation works. It is a picture book with more than 25 diagrams and more than 130 photographs of Kodak’s production materials and equipment. According to him, his book is intended for conservators of photographs. These are the people that are charged with the daunting responsibility of preserving our history and art via photographs and motion pictures. Though anyone with an interest in photographic processes would fine it useful too.

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