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Convention: NSA's Sessions on the History of Stereoscopic Photography / 5 August 2022

The National Stereoscopic Association's Sessions on the History of Stereoscopic Photography are a free conference-within-a-conference presents international scholarship on the history of stereoscopic photography. In 2022 the Sessions on the History of Stereoscopic Photography at the 48th Annual 3D-Con will feature the following presenters and topics:

  • Arched Tops and Chamfered Corners. Mr Denis Pellerin, London Stereoscopic Company
  • The Stereoscopic Picturesque. Dr. Bruce Graver, Providence College
  • Drawing in 3D: The History and Techniques of Constructing Stereoscopic Illusions by Hand. Dr Rod Bantjes, St. Francis Xavier University
  • "The Stereoscopic Photograph" and "The Traveller": What We Learn from Underwood & Underwood's Failed Magazine. Dr Leigh Gleason, UCR Arts
  • Food as a Racialized Subject in the Nineteenth-Century Stereoview.  Dr Melody Davis, Russell Sage College
  • Manuel Gonzales, Underwood’s Mexican Stereographer of the Congo. Dr Neal Sobania, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Images of Transylvania from the 1910s: Two Amateur Stereo Photographers. Dr Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák, Hungarian National Museum
  • America in 1940 in 3D color: The Mysterious Collection of Clyde A. McCoy. Dr Michael A. Amundson, Northern Arizona University
  • Virtual Public Space Contested - Will the plaza survive in VR? Dr Rebecca Hackemann, Kansas State University

3D-Con 2022 - 48th Annual Convention • August 1-8 • Hotel Murano • Tacoma, WA. 
The history sessions take place on 5 August 2022 in two sessions: 
Session 1 - 8:00-9:55 AM PDT (1600-1755 BST),  Session 2 — 10:15-12:20 AM PDT (1815-2020 BST)

This is event is live only, although registration online is closed, attendees can register in person. 

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