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Photographic artist Melanie King, who uses cyanotype and alternative processes in her work has collaborated with Professor Lucie Green to produce Solar Orbiter, a series of ITV screen idents. They will be shown during February 2021.   

Melanie King, who is based  in Kent works with alternative photography processes, with a specific focus on astronomy. Lucie Green, is a professor of physics at UCL.

The piece of art is based on the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter mission which launched in February 2020 and is the latest spacecraft sent to study the sun. The spacecraft has to endure searing heat, but in doing so it has taken images of the sun closer than any other spacecraft. Data gathered by the spacecraft’s suite of telescopes provides views of the sun in ultraviolet light and X-rays, and will help shed light on why the sun produces huge explosions and eruptions in its atmosphere.  

Melanie says: "Myself and Lucie produced a cyanotype using ultraviolet light, a form of light which is produced by the Sun. As Lucie has been working on the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter mission, we were inspired to use shapes found within the Solar Orbiter craft to form the logo. Part of the ident was filmed at Airbus Stevenage."



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