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If, like me, you search for photographic images on eBay, be aware that today they have changed their categories and "Photographic Images"  has changed, and the "Antique (pre 1940) category has been retired (their word not mine). So some old saved searches may not now work, and new ones will need to be created once you find out where they now are.

Full details can be found here: eBay category changes 

Many items are being lumped into a catch all new photographs category including:

CDV/ Cabinet | ID: 409 - All listings are being moved into [Photographs - 262421].

The new structure:

  • Photographic Images | ID: 262413

    New Category

    • Film Slides | ID: 262415

      New Category

    • Magic Lantern Slides | ID: 90696

      Moved from [Antique (Pre-1940)-407] Renamed from [Slides]

    • Negatives | ID: 112478

      Moved from [Antique (Pre-1940)-407]

    • Photograph Albums | ID: 262416

      New Category

    • Photographs | ID: 262421

      New Category

    • Stereoviews & Stereoscopes | ID: 13706

      New Category

Not so happy hunting!

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