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I have created WIkipedia article on Edwin Dalton who was a portrait painter and photographer active in England and Australia from 1818 to 1865. Edwin (Edward) Dalton exhibited at the London Royal Academy between 1818 and 1844, and received the Society of Arts' silver palette in 1824. In either 1841 or 1842 he married Magdalena (née Ross). She was the sister of William Ross, one of Queen Victoria's favourite portrait painters, and one of England's last great miniature painters. Initially specialising in portrait painting Dalton and Magdalena enjoyed the patronage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1840s.

Dalton travelled to Australia sometime before 1853, as by this time he had set up a business as a portrait painter in Victoria.[1] In May of that year he exhibited portraits by himself, and portraits by Queen Victoria at the Melbourne Fine Arts Exhibition.

On 22 December 1855, Dalton exhibited his crayon portraits and collodion miniatures at the new Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, alongside the work of other Sydney photographers. He also exhibited signed pictures, drawn and lithographed by Queen Victoria.

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  • Hello Geoff. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource on Edwin!

    I've just been making a presentation about an English female photographer who worked at his studio as a colourist for a little while in Oz, Eliza Allen (1816-1900). My colleague has written about her, and if you'd like the article sending over, please just let me know.

    King regards,

    Rebecca :)

  • Hi Geoff,

    Just a note...the above link to your wiki page drops the "_(artist)" portion and takes you to the wrong page....

    Once I figured that out I copied and pasted the whole link and it took me to the right page. 

    Many thanks for all your hard work on this interesting artist/photographer.


    • thanks Ken - yes the redirect on this page has been a problem with links. I have tried to fix but to no avail as yet.

  • extract from my new book, not yet published, but hopefully later this year.

    "Australian Behind the Camera, Directory of early Australian Photographers, 1841 to 1960's" (Sandy Barrie)


    Dalton, Edward. (also Portrait Painter)

    Dalton's Collodion Portraits. (aka Collodion Portrait Gallery)

    245 George St, Sydney, NSW 1855 – 57

    243 George St, Sydney, NSW March-Dec 1857

    (This numbering difference may be due to George St being renumbered)

    Dalton's Royal Photographic Gallery.

    242 George St, Sydney, NSW Feb 1858

    Royal Photographic Portrait Gallery.

    248 George St, Sydney, NSW May 1858

    Royal Photographic Establishment.

    (aka Royal Photographic Portrait Establishment)

    (aka Royal Gallery of Art. Jan 1860)

    “late Instructor & Painter to the Queen”

    (W. Bradley, Operator.)

    400 George St, Sydney, NSW 1858 - 62

    (Studio Fire Aug 1862)

    Richmond, NSW (trav) Jan 1859

    "studio at Empire Newspaper Office."

    Rockhampton, Qld (trav) 1862

    Royal Photographic Gallery.

    320 George St, Sydney, NSW 1863 - 65

    [sold studio to Thomas Felton, Feb 1865, returned to England]

    • Thanks Sandy - very much looking forward to your puiblication coming out. Good Luck!

    • one of the great problems is George st was renumbered about 5 times that is known Liverpool St 3 times and a few others also, when the houses & farms were changed to building & shops and then larger taller narrow buildings with devided shop fronts. no records were kept as far as i can find. only the occasional buisness notice that a company was still at its "same old address". Regards, Sandy

    • forgot to add, that his studio name lived on for.a time after he left australia, and the new owner continued his buisness under his trading name.

      Dalton's Studio.

      Royal Photographic Gallery. H. Hunt, Prop.

      330 George St, Sydney, NSW 1866 - 67

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